Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mount Puntang Challenge 2009

Whats on July in West Java, 1ndonesia?

festival gunung puntang 2009

Some activities in MOUNTAIN PUNTANG Challenge 2009 will be broadcast live via internet. The organizers deliberately brings the high-technology (Satellite) in this forest.

Certainly, the position from START to finish MTB downhill can be witnessed via the internet. So friends DH lovers(downhill), around the world can witness this historic moment.
Friends with the mountain bike community where ever, whit this direct broadcast facility you can watch together this event with the Cafe, Public, Internet Cafe, Ect ... how cool is that?

PReSS MEDIA CENTER Friends of journalist who participated in the activities covered MOUNT PUNTANG Challenge 2009, will be equipped with internet facilities (HOT SPOT) with high speed. So that the distribution of news can be sent to their Office center. PHONE MOBILE, MEDICAL TEAM Support, SAR, SECURITY MOUNT PUNTANG Challenge 2009. Some mobile phone operators will strengthen signal.

So that all participants, visitors can continue to communicate.
In addition, the strength of the signal, strongly support efforts to follow the safety, security and supervision activities MOUNT PUNTANG Challenge 2009. So, when something happens, the mobile phone communication can help victims of evacuation, with the support of team communication ORARI / RAPI.

Consider it as an invitation to all readers.
Be There.... coz 1ndonesia was a dangerously beautifull